Used Buses and Coaches offer Flexibility, Reliability and are Cost-Effective

For those lower revenue-generating or shorter-term contracts and services that don’t quite justify the application of brand-new equipment, why not consider a budget-friendly used vehicle rental solution instead? Our select late registered used vehicles are all within 36 months of age and still offer many, if not all of the benefits of new vehicles in terms of performance, comfort and quality.

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Mistral why rent

Why rent your used bus or used coach from Mistral Group?

We have a range of used buses and coaches in great condition which could be perfect for your operational needs. Flexibility is at the forefront of our priorities, which is why we provide rental options and various funding solutions so that you can choose the most suitable option for your company.

All our finance options are available on our used vehicles, including rental, hire purchase and seasonal payments.

Accident management

If one of your fleet of buses or coaches has had an accident and the vehicle is off the road – you will need an immediate replacement and Mistral can help.

Our comprehensive accident management service includes:

– An immediate vehicle replacement
– Claims management service
– No fee to you
– Minimum downtime

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Mistral accident management

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