Caelloi Motors is a family business based in West Wales run by Eryl Jones. The company can trace its history back to 1851 and is almost certainly Britain’s oldest established coach and bus operator.

Eryl Jones recently returned an ADL Enviro200 vehicle to Mistral Bus and Coach, which was the businesses’ first experience of rental. Eryl was delighted with Mistral’s End of Contract process, Mistral’s customer service, and transparent process.

Eryl Jones comments:

“Having returned a rented vehicle to you, I would just like to compliment you and Mistral on the system which you have put in place for our end of contract process. We have had a Field Engineer come out and inspect the vehicle on arrival at our depot, when the contract started, and then again upon expiry of the contract prior the return to yourselves.

This final inspection gave us time to correct any faults or parts required so on return the vehicle, there are no issues to be discussed on behalf of Mistral or ourselves. This system is fair to both parties concerned and I would like to compliment Jason, the field Engineer on being thorough, fair and honest in his inspection. We will be in touch for any further requirements we might have.”

Mistral pride ourselves on knowledge of the products and our specialist engineering team, who are all experts in inspecting various makes of vehicles and rectifying any issues after their return.

Lloyd Gibson, Regional Sales Manager commented:

“We strive to make the end of contract process as stress free and easy as possible for customers and understand that end of contract expectations is the source of some tension within our industry. We have taken the steps within our process to ensure one of our field engineers travels out to operators prior to the return of every vehicle, this is done to discuss aspects of vehicle return and ensure the whole process is clear and transparent.

I must thank Eryl at Caelloi Motors for his comments and it’s really gratifying for myself and the team we have at Mistral to hear that the hard work and diligence we put into end of contracts is seen as beneficial to maintaining the trust we have with our customers.”

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For further details on our end of contract, please contact Lloyd Gibson: 01565 621 881

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