Our Values

Putting our customers FIRST is intrinsic to everything we do at Mistral Group


Flexibility is at the heart of our business culture, and offering choice to our customers in all areas of our business is key to retaining their interest. Our long-standing partnerships with leading vehicle manufacturers and finance providers in the industry allow us to offer quality products on a variety of different financial packages.


Mistral is proud to be an independent company that builds strong relationships with both customers and suppliers. Our independence guarantees that we can offer our customers the best option for their business.


Delivering on our promises is at the core of everything Mistral does. We aim to provide outstanding customer service and exceed your expectations.


In a fast-moving industry where contract lead times are short and speed of response is everything, we are committed to supporting our customers efficiently. We aim to have a reasonable number of vehicles in stock at all times to allow a rapid turnaround from order to delivery.


The strength of Mistral is in its people. We aim to have the best people who are trained and empowered to go the extra mile to support our customers and deliver outstanding service.