Mistral Bus and Coach Plc Mobility division are pleased to announce that we were recently accepted onto the YPO Framework Agreement for Lots 8, 20 and 22.

YPO is a leading public sector procurement organisation with over 40 years’ experience and not only has a huge range of products and services at market-leading prices, but most importantly, the expertise to help you find the best solution.

The new 1170 framework agreement

YPO have appointed providers onto the new 1170 framework agreement for the Supply of Purchase, Lease and Hire of Specialist Vehicles and Associated Services which will cover vehicles from 3.5 tonne and over in weight including, but not limited to:

• Emergency vehicles for Police, Fire and Health
• Refuse collection
• Waste management
• Road sweepers
• Winter maintenance vehicles
• Gully Emptiers
• Tractor units with 5th wheel
• Trailer units including those for connection to 5th wheel
• Customised commercial vehicles (e.g. mobile libraries)
• Welfare vehicles
• Access platforms
• Vehicle conversions
• Coaches/buses
• Gritters
• Tippers
• Chassis only

All lots include the option for Further Competition or Direct Award. Additionally, lot 1 – 21 have the option for Purchase or Lease, while lot 22 is dedicated for Hire Only. All lots are available in a range of different drivetrains from Diesel, to Petrol and Electric to Hydrogen.

Outlined here are the Mistral Bus and Coach Plc Framework Agreement Lots covering the period, 02 October 2023 – 01 October 2027:

Lot 8 – Purchase and Lease of Minibuses, Coaches, Buses, and Any Other Mass Transit Technologies

Lot 20 – Purchase and Lease of Commercial Vehicles with the Option to Customise

Lot 22 – Hire of Specialist Vehicles

The framework can be accessed by all public sector bodies included: Local Authorities, NHS, Housing Associations, Education Establishments, Blue Light and many more.

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