Mistral Bus & Coach are proud of the successful delivery of two Yutong E10 electric buses to CT4N to service SEGRO East Midlands Gateway. This exciting collaboration marks a significant step towards enhancing sustainable transport on the site.

“It was great to work alongside Yutong and CT4N to deliver these vehicles to the SEGRO East Midlands Gateway, we assisted with a tailored rental and funding package for both vehicles and the infrastructure, utilising all services from Mistral Group.”

Amy Duckworth, Group Customer Engagement Manager, Mistral Bus & Coach.

Nigel Eggleton, Managing Director, CT4N:

“Our continued partnership with SEGRO grows from strength to strength. Not only have we taken delivery of two new Yutong Buses supplied via Pelican & Mistral, but we have also extended our working relationship with SEGRO for the next five years, which was a key factor in our commitment to these new buses for the Gateway Shuttle service.”

Designed to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly transport solutions, the electric buses offer cutting-edge technology and efficiency.

With zero emissions, these buses contribute to reducing carbon footprint and promoting cleaner air quality.

The Yutong E10 electric buses boast advanced features such as rapid charging capabilities, regenerative braking technology, and spacious interiors designed for passenger comfort.

Ian Downie, Head of Yutong UK explained:

“In August last year we successfully bid for this vehicle supply contract. To have delivered such a customer centric vehicle in less than 7 months is a testament to the collaborative working between CT4N, Pelican, Mistral and all our UK suppliers. The attention to detail included a new bespoke seat moquette that accentuates the warm, clean lines within the vehicle interior.”

The partnership between Mistral Bus & Coach, CT4N and SEGRO East Midlands Gateway demonstrates a shared dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility. By introducing electric buses into their fleet, CT4N and SEGRO East Midlands Gateway shows leadership in sustainable logistics and sets a new standard for environmentally conscious transport solutions in the industry.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with CT4N and SEGRO East Midlands Gateway in introducing the Yutong E10 electric buses to their operations. These buses represent the future of urban mobility, offering efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. We look forward to seeing the positive impact they will have on the passengers and the environment.”

Steve Low, Managing Director, Mistral Bus & Coach

The delivery of the two electric buses to CT4N for the SEGRO East Midlands Gateway, marks a milestone in the transition towards greener transportation solutions. Mistral remains committed to driving innovation in sustainable transport and looks forward to further collaborations with industry leaders.

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