Mistral recently handed over this brand-new Alexander Dennis Enviro400 to Transpora Group. The operator is continuing its investment into the latest quality Alexander Dennis products and is already operating many ADL vehicles on its routes.

Rhys Hand, Managing Director at Transpora Group comments:

“We are delighted to add the Enviro400 MMC product to our growing fleet. It represents the direction Transpora Group is heading, as well as making continued vehicle investment in the communities we serve. Thanks as always to Oli and the Mistral team for supplying the funding package.”

The Alexander Dennis Enviro400 is Britain’s favourite double deck bus

Designed by the industry for the industry, its lightweight design makes it highly fuel efficient and cost-effective to run and is already in operation on the operator’s bus services.

The low-emission Enviro400 is a tried and tested product that combines efficiency with high passenger capacity and is accredited as a Low Emission Bus when fitted with the SmartPack efficiency technology, developed in-house by Alexander Dennis.

A Euro 6 bus delivers a 67% reduction in NOx. The Euro 6 reduced emissions are achieved by a SCRT system (selective catalyst regeneration trap) and a DPF (diesel particulate filter) both designed to reduce NOx levels.

Oli Fuller commented:

“I am very happy with our latest handover of the Enviro400 to Transpora Group. We have a long relationship with Rhys Hand and ensured that the process of funding was as smooth as possible, using our tailored funding arrangement.”

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