Mistral recently handed over this brand-new PSVAR Plaxton Leopard to the London Borough of Havering. The London Borough of Havering wanted to add a further Plaxton Leopard to their growing fleet.
An additional Euro 6 PSVAR-compliant vehicle was sought to further enhance their offering as a quality provider of passenger transportation locally. This Plaxton Leopard on a Volvo B8R chassis was identified as a suitable multi-use vehicle.
Oli Fuller, Mistral Regional Sales Manager covering the South of England, comments on the deal:
“This brand new Plaxton Leopard is sure to tick all of the boxes for the London Borough of Havering, and I do not doubt that London Borough of Havering’s customers will greatly appreciate the modern style, comfort and versatility provided by this Plaxton Leopard.
If you are looking to expand your fleet, get in touch with our specialist sales team today sales@mistral-group.com

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